Facts About the Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant is one of the most mystical objects that the many people have tried to explore without much success. The bible says it is plated with Gold and it is where instructions given by God are written. It is a sacred item to the Israelites and they believe there is prosperity and blessings when in Israel hands. However, when it is away from the Israel those who have it experience misfortunes. There are those that refer to it as the ‘Ark of the Testimony’

  1. Though there is little evidence that supports this theory, the Israelites claim it was built over 3000 years ago.
  2. Religious minded people say that God appeared in front of Moses and told him to do the work of building the Ark.
  3. Legend has it that God gave Moses all these instructions on mt. Sinai
  4. Others refer to it as the Ark of the testimony, it has been widely mentioned in the book of Exodus and it includes the 10 commandments. All this commandments are scripted on a stone tablet.
  5. Jews believe that the Israelites were carrying the Ark within them, throughout the course of their 40-year journey through the wilderness.
  6. It was custom that the people of Israel were to place the Ark inside a tent that was known as the Tabernacle. It was the practice of the flock irrespective of where they were camping.
  7. In the New Testament there is mention about the Ark. The good book says it is the first Torah scroll that Moses authorized.
  8. According to the book of Kings, during kings Solomon’s time, it only had 2 items. The other contents in the tablet were added at a later stage.
  9. Many miracles that are included in the Old Testament found themselves in the Ark of the Covenant.
  10. There are those that belief the Ark made way for impediments and poisoned animals.
  11. River Jordan stopped flowing for a while when the carrier of this Ark set foot inside the river. This took place when they were crossing the River towards the Promised Land.
  12. The success that the Israelites got at the Siege of Jericho is because they had the Ark of the Covenant.
  13. It is believed the Israelites were always carrying the Ark and a tapioca seeds bubble tea but they concealed it under a big veil that had skin and blue clothes.
  14. The dimensions of the Ark people believe are 52X31X31 and they have golden crowns that decorate it together with many gold rings.
  15. When the Babylonians conquered Israel, the Ark, which was lying in a temple in Jerusalem, disappeared.
  16. A mystery surrounds what happened to the Ark, after the Babylonians went away with it.
  17. There is debate between historians as to whether the Ark got hidden or damaged after the Babylonians made away with it.
  18. According to Church authorities, ‘the guardian of the Ark’ is the only person who has authority to see the Holy Ark.